How does Industrial Water differ from the Water We Use Everyday?

How does Industrial Water differ from the Water We Use Everyday?

Jan 9, 2024 | Blog, Event, Library, News, Uncategorized

There are several categorized aspects when we refer to industrial water treatment. Industrial water treatment may involve water treatment, process purification and separation, and wastewater treatment.

Treating industrial water requires processes and equipment that may be different from treating water for daily household use. The choice of equipment for every particular system depends on the specific treatment type needed and the unique conditions of the industrial process and plant.

The commonly deployed equipment and components include:

Equipment Function
  • clarifiers
  • for removing suspended solids
  • lime softeners
  • for reducing total dissolved solids
  • oil/water separators
  • for oil removal
  • particle filtration
  • for larger particulates
  • membrane filtration
  • for dissolved particles and biological contaminants
  • reverse osmosis or nanofiltration
  • for water purification
  • filter presses
  • for sludge dewatering
  • IX columns
  • for softening and selective removal of ionic substances
  • reactors and chemical additives
  • for pH adjustment and metal precipitation



The specific components are tailored to the application, offering flexibility to fulfill diverse treatment needs while understanding cost-driving factors aids in selecting the most suitable components within budget constraints. Industrial water treatment systems are used in various ways and are needed in plants of different sizes and levels of complexity.


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