NIRA is the leading provider of sustainable water solutions for commercial & industrial sectors in Indonesia.

| Proudly powered by SUN Energy, the biggest Solar PV Project Developer in Indonesia with an international project portfolio in the Asia Pacific Region of more than 280 MW, NIRA shares the same vision of a sustainable future.

NIRA was founded based on the awareness that there has been an increasing demand for industrial water yet depleting availability of freshwater. We believe that water recycling and adequate water treatment would be the answer to ensure water security and sustainability. Knowing that the success of achieving the shared goal of a greener future requires critical involvement from businesses and industrial players, NIRA is established to become your one-stop sustainable solution for industrial and commercial water needs.

NIRA Competitive Advantages


NIRA offers flexible financing schemes, including a zero-investment option where clients pay only based on their water consumption, eliminating the need for upfront capital expenditure.


NIRA offers customized water solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors using top technology, ensuring guaranteed performance and optimizing operations.


NIRA ensures top-quality water delivery with quantity and quality assurance. Empowered by experienced & certified experts, NIRA enables sustainable water production at competitive prices.


NIRA aims to help businesses contribute to the UN’s SDG No. 6, “Clean Water and Sanitation,” through innovative technology like wastewater recycling, promoting sustainability at every stage.

OUR People

NIRA, powered by SUN Energy, is proud to have talented individuals who share the same passion for advancing the growth and development of solutions that would sustain the future.

NIRA commits to sustainable business practices in providing water & wastewater management solutions across various industries in Indonesia.


Tailor-made solar solutions for commercial & industrial sectors.

Powering Residential & Retail sector with solar energy.

Creating eco-friendly ecosystem for electric vehicle through solar charging stations.

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